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How to determine negligence

When someone has been hurt or killed due to negligence in New Mexico, legal action can often be pursued. According to National Paralegal, there are four factors - duty, breach, cause and harm - involved with determining if negligence is involved in an accident, and each one of them needs to be met in order for a case to be considered.

Workplace accidents and wrongful death

From motor vehicle accidents to negligence in nursing homes, there are many examples of wrongful death cases. However, some people in New Mexico (and elsewhere) lose their lives while working.  At Almanzar & Youngers, our law firm is very familiar with the different types of challenges that these fatalities can create for families, from devastating sadness to financial difficulties.

Traffic crashes, work accidents and other wrongful death causes

When it comes to wrongful death cases, there are many factors that must be considered and each case will have unique details. If you have recently lost a loved one because of another person's negligence, you may be facing a wide variety of upsetting challenges. At Almanzar & Youngers, P.A., our law firm is very familiar with the emotional pain and other hardships that entire families in New Mexico may face following the death of a loved one.

An overview of wrongful death claims for drowning

Drowning is one of the most surprising and devastating ways for a family to lose a loved one. Drowning, unfortunately, is still a common occurrence in the United States. Drowning affects thousands of families a year. But, while all of these accidents result in death, not all of them give rise to legal liability. This post will go over the nuance of investigating and litigating a wrongful death suit over a drowning accident.

An overview of wrongful death lawsuits, Part 1

Wrongful death suits, unlike homicides, are civil suits over the wrongful death of a person. A person's death can be "wrongful" without being criminal. But, most criminal deaths are likely also wrongful in the civil code. Wrongful death suits are notorious for their unusual provisions which trip up unsuspecting plaintiffs and attorneys. This post will go over the quirks in wrongful death suits.

Compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit

The family members of the deceased might bring a claim for wrongful death if the victim was killed due the negligence of the accused. The standard of proof required to prove wrongful death is lower than the standard required to prove murder. A personal representative is appointed to bring a wrongful death claim.

Breaking down New Mexico traffic fatality statistics

Because New Mexico is a large state with few population centers, drivers here often travel great distances. It's more than 200 miles from Las Cruces to Albuquerque and nearly 300 to head farther north to Santa Fe. Because of the amount of highway travel residents our state often undertake, the dangers of accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities are greater in New Mexico than in many other states.

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