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New Mexico Dog Owners Must Be Held Responsible for Animal Bites

Owners of dogs and other animals are responsible when their pets attack and injure innocent passersby. At Almanzar & Youngers in Las Cruces, New Mexico, we are experienced personal injury attorneys who will aggressively represent you in getting you the compensation you deserve.

An animal attack is anything but a minor mishap. Serious injuries and wrongful death can occur. If you have been injured due to a pet owner's negligence, contact our dog bite lawyers at (575) 636-2057.

Physical and Emotional Injuries

If a dog bites you, the owner or person in charge of the dog is usually irresponsible. Physical injuries from a dog bite are compounded by the psychological impact of such an attack. Clients come to us not only severely injured, but also emotionally damaged.

Even people that previously loved dogs have become frightened or phobic of those animals after being bitten or attacked. Sharp teeth breaking your skin can result in both physical and mental scarring.

Holding Animal Owners Responsible

At Almanzar & Youngers, P.A., we hold pet owners responsible for dog bites. Not restraining the animal with a leash or a fence is a hazard to anyone nearby and a menace to an entire neighborhood. An attack can result in deep cuts or scarring on the face or any part of the body that can have devastating and life-long effects on the victim.

You Focus on Recovery While We Build Your Case

We will build your dog bite case while you recover from your injuries. Our work will include handling medical bills and communicating with creditors and homeowners' insurance companies.

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