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How common are fatal work accidents on farms?

As a farm worker or other agricultural employee working on a New Mexico farm or ranch, you likely are concerned about your safety. You are often working around extremely dangerous equipment, not to mention working with animals who can be volatile and unpredictable. Just how safe are you, when working on a farm? How frequent are fatal farm accidents?

Who is liable if you crash your vehicle during a road test?

If you are obtaining your first New Mexico license, whether as a new driver or a driver from out of state, you will most likely be required to take a road test. A road test is a supervised driving activity that determines your official capacity to operate a motor vehicle. But what happens if you crash that motor vehicle during your test? Who is liable for any personal injury or damage?

Do I have a case if I was a victim of food poisoning?

You have just been out to dinner at your favorite New Mexico restaurant. The food was delicious, the atmosphere wonderful, but toward the end of the evening you begin to notice chills, nausea and cold sweats. By morning you are feverish and possibly vomiting or enduring other side effects. You realize you are suffering from food poisoning, likely as a result of contaminated, mishandled or spoiled food at the restaurant last night. Whether or not you are hospitalized or left with severe damages as a result of your food poisoning, do you have a case for personal injury?

What is institutional neglect?

If you or a loved one have been committed to a New Mexico facility for your own health and well-being, you trust the facility employees to provide the best in care with your welfare in mind. Facility employees should uphold the highest standards of ethics and compassion, whether the facility is an elder care facility or nursing home, a mental health care facility, a substance abuse rehab facility or any other type of adult care and assisted living facility. But what happens when those ethical standards are not met?

What if the driver who hit me doesn't have enough insurance?

In New Mexico, drivers are required to have the minimum of liability auto insurance. However, if you suffer serious injuries in an accident, your medical expenses and other financial losses could far exceed the other driver's minimum required insurance coverage.

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