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What is considered "excessive force?"

There are some situations in which police officers must use force to protect themselves or subdue a suspect. They are supposed to use only enough force to deescalate the incident and regain control of the situation. Generally, the amount of force should be proportionate to the threat that prompts it.

Can I legally kill an animal in self-defense?

New Mexico is ripe with many game species that attract hunters, and you may be someone who like to go shooting on weekends with a legal hunting license. However, not only does that license not give you free rein to kill animals as you please, but you are not the only hunter on the prowl. What if one of the predators in the wild turns on you? Are you legally allowed to kill or wound the animal to prevent personal injury or death?

Driving with the flu and the risk of a crash

There are many different behaviors and risk factors that can make a motor vehicle collision more likely. As we all know, when someone is intoxicated because of drug use or alcohol consumption, or they are extremely tired because they have not slept in a long time, their driving abilities may be severely impacted, and a crash may be far more likely. However, there are other reasons why people may cause a motor vehicle crash, some of which may seem surprising. For example, someone who has come down with the flu or is very sick due to another illness may not be able to drive safely.

What should facilities do to prevent elder abuse?

New Mexico elder care facilities must ensure that the senior citizens under their care are properly looked after without instances of abuse, neglect or other factors that may lead to injury or death. Policies must be in place to prevent much of this, but enforcing these policies may be difficult. How can facilities ensure that protections for elders under their care are adequately enforced, and ensure their elder care employees behave ethically?

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