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Can a government-run nursing home restrain my elderly relative?

The idea of government-run nursing homes can sound frightening like camps for the elderly, but in truth these Medicare and Medicaid facilities offer care that is adequate or better so long as the standards set out by Medicare.gov are being followed. Yet if you find that certain behavior toward your elderly loved one in the nursing home is causing you worry, you may need to be aware of the rights of patients in Medicare and Medicaid facilities. For instance, what if your elderly relative is being restrained? Is that legal?

What are the top causes of car accidents in New Mexico?

Sadly, we all know that every time a you get behind the wheel and take to New Mexico streets and highways, you are always facing some risk of a collision resulting in personal injury Even if you are an extremely safe driver, you cannot control or account for other drivers. Yet you can prevent a number of injuries and fatalities simply by being aware of factors leading to motor vehicle accidents, saving yourself and others a great deal of harm. So what are the largest factors impacting motor vehicle accidents in New Mexico?

What happens if you choose to settle your personal injury case?

When you pursue a personal injury case, the defendant may offer you a settlement outside of New Mexico courts. You may weigh the options and decide to accept the settlement to avoid lengthy, costly litigation. But what happens when you decide to settle out of court, and do you end up losing more in the long run?

What if I get in an accident on an ATV with no insurance?

Even though ATVs and other off-road vehicles are often not legally permitted on roads and highways, many outdoor enthusiasts make the mistake of considering ATVs the same as cars. However, ATV law is extremely complicated, and ATVs are not registered the same way cars are. In fact, if you are an uninsured driver, you may face significant difficulties after an ATV accident. This is especially true if you collide with a car on a New Mexico street.

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