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How eating while driving leads to car and truck accidents

If you are busy between dropping your kids off from school and going to work, you might be thinking about grabbing a quick bite at a nearby fast-food restaurant. It is quick, cheap and small enough where you can snack while driving. It saves time and it's not against the law to do so, so what's the downside?

Car accidents can result in delayed symptoms

If you are in a car accident in New Mexico, it can be a stressful situation. Even with minor wrecks, you have to deal with exchanging information with the other driver, making a police report, scheduling repairs and possibly missing work. Especially if it was a fender bender, you may not notice any pain or other symptoms after the accident. However, it is not unusual for symptoms to start showing up hours or even days after the crash, and it is important to get the proper care so it does not turn into something more serious.

Who is responsible for trampoline injuries?

Kids love bouncing on trampolines. They find it thrilling as a trampoline propels them high into the air, and allows them to perform flips and stunts they might not be able to do otherwise. The increasing popularity of trampoline parks and trampolines at homes certainly suggest that kids, and even kids-at-heart, love jumping on trampolines too.

What are some signs of elder abuse?

If you have a loved one in New Mexico who is considered to be an elder, it can be hard to watch them get old. Unfortunately, this generation is also at higher risk of being taken advantage of. There are many different types of elder abuse, and it can occur in their own homes, assisted living centers, nursing homes and other institutions. In order to prevent it or stop it from happening, make sure you know the risks and signs.

Fog and the risk of a car accident

From driver fatigue to intoxication, there are countless reasons why motor vehicle wrecks occur. However, some are caused by factors that are out of human control, such as fog and other examples of poor weather. Whether you are worried about the risk of a crash while driving during a foggy morning or you have already been involved in a collision caused by poor visibility, it is essential to keep these risks in mind. Sadly, some reckless drivers do not and they endanger other lives by ignoring common sense traffic laws and driving erratically.

Moving forward after a head-on crash

Any type of accident on the road can be tough, but some crashes are especially devastating. For example, a head-on accident is especially likely to result in a serious injury or the loss of someone's life. If you were involved in a head-on collision, it is important to do all you can to piece your life back together. Moreover, drivers should be aware of some of the common reasons why head-on wrecks take place and do what they can to avoid a crash in the future.

How to prevent fatigue in truck drivers

All drivers in New Mexico are at higher risk of being involved in a crash when they are overtired. Truck drivers are especially vulnerable because they drive long and irregular hours. Because crashes involving drowsiness are typically quite serious, drivers should take a number of steps to fight this fatigue and prevent accidents.

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