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Speeding is no joke

Drivers in New Mexico who think they can drive a few miles per hour over the posted speed limit without consequences need to think again. Not only does speeding increase the chances of accidents and place others in danger, the state also has strict penalties for driving too fast. 

How to reduce accidents as the school year approaches

With the start of school upon us, drivers in New Mexico need to be extra cautious on the roads. The school year means there are more kids walking or riding their bikes to school, and there is a batch of new drivers who are still learning the nuances of navigating a car. There are a number of precautions children and drivers can take to keep accidents to a minimum.

How to proceed if your car accident claim is denied

Drivers in New Mexico pay for car insurance coverage and, for good reason, there is an expectation that damages will be paid for when there is a car accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies would rather hold on to their money and will sometimes deny a claim. While there are times when denials occur because drivers commit insurance fraud, this is rare. If you have a legitimate claim and have been denied, there are a couple routes you can take against the insurance company.

Effects of prescription drugs on driving

Drivers in New Mexico who are taking medication prescribed by their doctors need to be aware of the side effects of these substances and the consequences of driving under their influence. While most know not to drive after drinking, studies have shown that nearly not as many realize the negative reactions that prescription drugs can produce. This can result in an increase of accidents on the road as well as stiff penalties for the driver.

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