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Tips for minimizing injury during a fall

In a recent post, we discussed some of the serious dangers of slip-and-fall accidents for older adults. Slip-and-falls are the most common cause of emergency room visits, and such injuries disproportionately affect adults age 65 and over. In addition, slip-and-falls create an increased risk of traumatic brain injury in this subset of the population.

What were the most dangerous toys of 2018?

The holidays have passed, but the danger posed by children's toys has not. Every year in the U.S., millions of children receive presents for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other celebrations. Unfortunately, some children will suffer injuries due to dangerous toys or other products. Recently, the consumer watchdog group U.S. PIRG released its annual guide of potentially hazardous children's toys. Did your child receive something on the list?

Report: Nursing homes using antipsychotic drugs on dementia patients

When your mother started having trouble remembering her address and her late husband's name, you realized she couldn't live on her own anymore. It was time to find her the support she needed. So you researched all of the nursing homes and assisted living facilities in your area, and you moved her into an apartment with a comprehensive dementia treatment program.

Factors contributing to the increase in hit and run deaths

Pedestrians and bicyclists in New Mexico who follow the rules of the road should feel safe on or near the roadways, whether traveling urban streets or rural areas. However, hit and run fatalities are on the rise, making them an increasing safety challenge.

Understanding common risk factors in cases of elder abuse

As a person ages and recognizes the need to ask other people for help, he or she is met with the difficulties of allowing other people to intervene and help manage personal needs. Often, a healthy relationship between a vulnerable elderly person and his or her caretaker, is developed over time and with open lines of communication. However, there are plenty of elderly people in New Mexico who for one reason or another, may be the victim of elder abuse. 

Livestock liability and precautions

Whether it is cattle or horses, animal owners in New Mexico have a responsibility to make sure they do not pose a danger to others. If they get off the property and wander onto highways, this can cause serious accidents. Even when loose on the owner's property, these large animals can be dangerous to others. Owners must take certain precautions to make sure these animals are properly fenced and housed.

Who is responsible for trampoline injuries?

Kids love bouncing on trampolines. They find it thrilling as a trampoline propels them high into the air, and allows them to perform flips and stunts they might not be able to do otherwise. The increasing popularity of trampoline parks and trampolines at homes certainly suggest that kids, and even kids-at-heart, love jumping on trampolines too.

What are some signs of elder abuse?

If you have a loved one in New Mexico who is considered to be an elder, it can be hard to watch them get old. Unfortunately, this generation is also at higher risk of being taken advantage of. There are many different types of elder abuse, and it can occur in their own homes, assisted living centers, nursing homes and other institutions. In order to prevent it or stop it from happening, make sure you know the risks and signs.

Are "lemon" cars covered under defective product laws?

Whether you have bought a new or used car from a New Mexico dealer, the expectation is that the car will perform according to standard from the moment you purchase it through a reasonable amount of time for the car's operating lifespan. If the vehicle immediately causes problems that render it defective and inoperable after sale through no fault of your own and nothing related to a motor vehicle accident, that car may be what you call a "lemon." So if your car is a lemon, are you covered by laws regarding defective product liability?

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