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Santa Fe Car Accident Attorney: Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable

Negligent, inattentive and drunk drivers present dangers on the roads of New Mexico. If a car or truck driver has injured you, contact the personal injury law firm of Youngers Law. With offices in Santa Fe and a strong presence in Las Cruces, Youngers Law serves clients throughout New Mexico.

Do not accept an offer to settle without first calling the firm at 505-933-8480 or 575-636-2057 or completing the contact form. You may be entitled to more compensation that more closely reflects the costs and emotional damage of the serious injuries you suffered in a truck or car crash. The firm provides free consultations for injured accident victims.

Representing You And Your Family

Joleen Youngers and her staff empathize with the pain that clients feel after a truck or car crash. They also recognize that the pain goes beyond physical injury. A family is affected emotionally by the sudden event that changed their lives, particularly if the accident resulted in wrongful death or life-changing injuries. You deserve compensation for your pain and suffering, and so does your family.

Doing The Heavy Lifting For You

While Attorney Youngers handles your case, you can attend doctor appointments and focus on your treatment and recovery. She will do all that she can to minimize your worry about your medical bills or creditor calls following the car, truck or motorcycle/bicycle crash. She will handle the heavy lifting for you while you get better. Insurance companies will contact her, not you. She will be your advocate in all aspects of your car accident case. Let her take the weight off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on healing.

You Will Know Where Things Stand In Your Case

During the course of your car or truck accident case, those at Youngers Law will stay in constant contact with you regarding any new developments. You will be copied on all documents so you will know where things stand. With the advice of Ms. Youngers, you may settle your claim.  You may litigate it to get a fair recovery. In the end, she wants the best resolution for you and your family.

Contact The Firm For A Vehicle Collision Lawyer In Santa Fe, In Doña Ana County And Across New Mexico

No matter what type of car accident you’ve been in – whether it involved an uninsured driver, an underinsured motorist, a hit-and-run or a drunk driver, attorney Youngers and her team can help. For more information or to schedule a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer, please contact the car accident attorney at 505-933-8480 or 575-636-2057. The firm provides free consultations to people injured in car accidents.