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What are the top causes of car accidents in New Mexico?

Sadly, we all know that every time a you get behind the wheel and take to New Mexico streets and highways, you are always facing some risk of a collision resulting in personal injury Even if you are an extremely safe driver, you cannot control or account for other drivers. Yet you can prevent a number of injuries and fatalities simply by being aware of factors leading to motor vehicle accidents, saving yourself and others a great deal of harm. So what are the largest factors impacting motor vehicle accidents in New Mexico?

What if I get in an accident on an ATV with no insurance?

Even though ATVs and other off-road vehicles are often not legally permitted on roads and highways, many outdoor enthusiasts make the mistake of considering ATVs the same as cars. However, ATV law is extremely complicated, and ATVs are not registered the same way cars are. In fact, if you are an uninsured driver, you may face significant difficulties after an ATV accident. This is especially true if you collide with a car on a New Mexico street.

Driving with the flu and the risk of a crash

There are many different behaviors and risk factors that can make a motor vehicle collision more likely. As we all know, when someone is intoxicated because of drug use or alcohol consumption, or they are extremely tired because they have not slept in a long time, their driving abilities may be severely impacted, and a crash may be far more likely. However, there are other reasons why people may cause a motor vehicle crash, some of which may seem surprising. For example, someone who has come down with the flu or is very sick due to another illness may not be able to drive safely.

Who is liable if you crash your vehicle during a road test?

If you are obtaining your first New Mexico license, whether as a new driver or a driver from out of state, you will most likely be required to take a road test. A road test is a supervised driving activity that determines your official capacity to operate a motor vehicle. But what happens if you crash that motor vehicle during your test? Who is liable for any personal injury or damage?

What are the New Mexico state requirements for auto insurance?

You may know that insurance is a necessity for operating a motor vehicle with a valid driver's license, but many drivers do not know that states specify their own requirements for mandatory minimum insurance coverage in the event of an automobile accident. If you find yourself in an accident without the legally mandated minimum insurance, even if you were not at fault in the accident you may still face penalties. New Mexico is no different, and has its own mandates for minimum insurance requirements.

What are the statistics on New Mexico motor vehicle fatalities?

Driving on New Mexico's streets and highways can be dangerous, but how dangerous compared to other states? According to the CDC, the state of New Mexico's overall driver deaths and cost of death per year ranges about average out of the fifty states.

Proving driver fatigue

Late night driving is often nerve-wracking. Not only do you have to contend with your own exhaustion, darkened streets, weather conditions and unexpected animal crossings, but you also have to fear other drivers who may not be as alert as you. When driving New Mexico's highways and streets, you may end up in a motor vehicle accident caused by driver fatigue. We at Almanzar & Youngers, PA understand the frustration involved in proving driver fatigue in the event of an accident.

Ways to prevent driver fatigue

People in New Mexico who drive while overtired greatly increase the chances of being in an accident. Fatigue is a big factor in crashes, and it is important to get adequate rest before going out on the road, whether you are a commercial truck driver or the driver of a personal car, motorcycle or other vehicle.

Technology and distraction may be factors in fatal collision

Distracted driving kills people on New Mexico roads every year, yet drivers continue to multitask behind the wheel. Eating, drinking and talking on a hands-free device are just three of the many ways people occupy their time on their way to work or elsewhere. While automobile manufacturers are working to develop technology to prevent accidents, using these systems should not replace driver attention.

Weighing the advantages of in-cab cameras in large trucks

When an accident happens between a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle in New Mexico, drivers, victims and witnesses may be able to piece together the factors that caused it. Not always, though. Sometimes, there are holes in the police report, and mysteries that go unanswered. When determining who was responsible for the crash, this can be a major downfall. Some safety experts are saying that this could be avoided with in-cab cameras.

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