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Fog and the risk of a car accident

From driver fatigue to intoxication, there are countless reasons why motor vehicle wrecks occur. However, some are caused by factors that are out of human control, such as fog and other examples of poor weather. Whether you are worried about the risk of a crash while driving during a foggy morning or you have already been involved in a collision caused by poor visibility, it is essential to keep these risks in mind. Sadly, some reckless drivers do not and they endanger other lives by ignoring common sense traffic laws and driving erratically.

Moving forward after a head-on crash

Any type of accident on the road can be tough, but some crashes are especially devastating. For example, a head-on accident is especially likely to result in a serious injury or the loss of someone's life. If you were involved in a head-on collision, it is important to do all you can to piece your life back together. Moreover, drivers should be aware of some of the common reasons why head-on wrecks take place and do what they can to avoid a crash in the future.

How to prevent fatigue in truck drivers

All drivers in New Mexico are at higher risk of being involved in a crash when they are overtired. Truck drivers are especially vulnerable because they drive long and irregular hours. Because crashes involving drowsiness are typically quite serious, drivers should take a number of steps to fight this fatigue and prevent accidents.

What to do after a hit-and-run accident

Most drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists in New Mexico practice safety on the road and are responsible in the event they are involved in an accident. Unfortunately, not all drivers stop if they hit another vehicle or person. Fleeing the scene is a serious offense. New Mexico has a high rate of hit-and-run incidents. If you are the victim of one, it is important to know what steps to take.

What are the minimum requirements for car insurance?

As any safe driver knows, you must have car insurance in order to legally be allowed to drive. Requirements in different states are not always the same, however. So what are the minimum state requirements for insurance in New Mexico, and what do those requirements cover in the event of personal injury or death?

What about my job after a car accident?

When you are in a bad car accident in New Mexico, there is a lot you have to deal with. Along with damage to your vehicle, you probably have injuries that need medical attention. Even with minor injuries, some work may be missed due to doctor's appointments and time for healing. For more serious injuries, you may need to take off an extensive amount of work. What happens to your job and the wages you lose due to time off?

What can be done to decrease texting and driving?

Many drivers in New Mexico use their cell phones while in their car, and this increases the chances of getting in a car accident. While distracted driving is a problem in general, texting has been shown to be one of the most dangerous of activities while driving a motor vehicle. The state has put laws into place that prohibit certain phone use, and there are other strategies that can help decrease accidents due to texting.

What are the top causes of car accidents in New Mexico?

Sadly, we all know that every time a you get behind the wheel and take to New Mexico streets and highways, you are always facing some risk of a collision resulting in personal injury Even if you are an extremely safe driver, you cannot control or account for other drivers. Yet you can prevent a number of injuries and fatalities simply by being aware of factors leading to motor vehicle accidents, saving yourself and others a great deal of harm. So what are the largest factors impacting motor vehicle accidents in New Mexico?

What if I get in an accident on an ATV with no insurance?

Even though ATVs and other off-road vehicles are often not legally permitted on roads and highways, many outdoor enthusiasts make the mistake of considering ATVs the same as cars. However, ATV law is extremely complicated, and ATVs are not registered the same way cars are. In fact, if you are an uninsured driver, you may face significant difficulties after an ATV accident. This is especially true if you collide with a car on a New Mexico street.

Driving with the flu and the risk of a crash

There are many different behaviors and risk factors that can make a motor vehicle collision more likely. As we all know, when someone is intoxicated because of drug use or alcohol consumption, or they are extremely tired because they have not slept in a long time, their driving abilities may be severely impacted, and a crash may be far more likely. However, there are other reasons why people may cause a motor vehicle crash, some of which may seem surprising. For example, someone who has come down with the flu or is very sick due to another illness may not be able to drive safely.

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