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Weighing the advantages of in-cab cameras in large trucks

When an accident happens between a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle in New Mexico, drivers, victims and witnesses may be able to piece together the factors that caused it. Not always, though. Sometimes, there are holes in the police report, and mysteries that go unanswered. When determining who was responsible for the crash, this can be a major downfall. Some safety experts are saying that this could be avoided with in-cab cameras.

Which health conditions can cause an auto crash?

From intoxication to distractions such as cell phone use, traffic collisions continue to happen for an array of reasons. However, it is crucial to focus on some of the other causes behind these wrecks, such as health conditions which may affect a driver's ability to safely operate his or her vehicle. Sadly, motor vehicle collisions have claimed many lives in recent years and they have also left far more victims with injuries that keep them from enjoying the quality of life they had beforehand.

What are some weather-related hazards that can cause a crash?

Whether you are commuting to work, running errands or driving for any other reason, there are all sorts of potential dangers that can lead to an accident. Sometimes these crashes are caused by negligent drivers, such as those who fail to follow traffic safety laws or drive while they are drunk or otherwise impaired. However, there are other things you should keep an eye out for when behind the wheel, such as potentially dangerous New Mexico weather.

Piecing life together after a pedestrian accident

Whether you walk to work or elsewhere because it is more convenient than driving or you simply like to get some exercise, you may face various risks as a pedestrian. If you walk along busy roads, a driver may strike you while you are crossing the street or because they swerved onto the crosswalk. At Almanzar & Youngers, we are all too familiar with how hard these accidents can be for victims. Even quiet and rural roads can be dangerous for pedestrians to walk on. If a car has struck you or a family member of yours, recovering in every way possible, or at least trying to, is vital.

Statistics on texting while driving

From the consumption of alcohol to slick roads and dangerous speeds, motor vehicle accidents happen for all sorts of reasons. In all parts of New Mexico, many of these collisions are the result of people sending or receiving text messages. For drivers who own cell phones, it is essential to understand the dangers of distracted driving and avoid using phones while behind the wheel. Moreover, victims of distracted driving accidents should make sure that irresponsible drivers are held answerable.

Study: New Mexico Has Highest Rate of Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

Compared with other states, New Mexico has a high rate of pedestrian accidents. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that in recent years the average number of pedestrian deaths per capita in New Mexico was two times higher than the national average.

Looking over drunk driving statistics

While there are many dangerous and reckless behaviors that negligent drivers carry out, such as reaching excessive speeds and driving while very tired, drunk driving is an especially troubling problem. In Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Silver City and across all parts of New Mexico, some drivers choose to drive while intoxicated even though they are well aware of the dangers associated with driving under the influence. It is vital to understand how widespread drunk driving is for victims of these wrecks to take action right away.

How many lives are lost due to auto crashes per year?

When traffic collisions occur, people suffer in many different ways. Victims of an accident may find themselves unable to work or struggling due to a serious head injury, broken bone or other setback. In cities throughout New Mexico, some people lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents, leaving their families with emotional pain that will never go away. If you have to regularly drive to work or operate a vehicle for any other reason, it is important to understand how widespread these fatal accidents truly are.

A closer look at distracted driving

According to, drivers take their eyes away from the road for five seconds when they receive or send text messages, on average. On roads across the whole state of New Mexico, distracted driving is a serious threat for everyone who is on the road. Sadly, these collisions frequently result in the loss of life, or a debilitating injury that will follow someone around permanently.

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