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An overview of wrongful death lawsuits, Part 1

Wrongful death suits, unlike homicides, are civil suits over the wrongful death of a person. A person's death can be "wrongful" without being criminal. But, most criminal deaths are likely also wrongful in the civil code. Wrongful death suits are notorious for their unusual provisions which trip up unsuspecting plaintiffs and attorneys. This post will go over the quirks in wrongful death suits.

New Mexico Lawmakers Pass Bill to Combat Distracted Driving

New Mexico state lawmakers have passed a bill that would increase the penalty for texting while driving from $25 to $100, with subsequent offenses also carrying a higher fine. The state Senate approved the bill, which will now go to the House for consideration.

One dead, three injured in New Mexico car accident

We often don't think about how dangerous it is, but getting behind the wheel is one of the most dangerous activities we do every day. Even if you're a safe driver, there are drivers out there who are reckless and choose to drive drunk or distracted. In addition, there are conditions and hazards out there that can cause an accident and change your life forever.

Danger zones around semi-trucks explained

Semi-trucks, as everyone knows, are enormous monsters that dominate any road. But what you may not know is that these monstrosities are plagued by inherent safety faults. Semi-trucks (tractor-trailers) are surrounded by dangerous "no-zones." No-zones references the areas around the truck in which the majority of accidents occur. This post will go over the no-zones and how you can avoid them.

Compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit

The family members of the deceased might bring a claim for wrongful death if the victim was killed due the negligence of the accused. The standard of proof required to prove wrongful death is lower than the standard required to prove murder. A personal representative is appointed to bring a wrongful death claim.

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