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Assessing the prevalence of car crash injuries

From missing work to intense physical pain and lifelong disabilities, those who are injured in a motor vehicle accident may encounter a variety of challenges in the short-term and years down the road. In New Mexico, it is critical for victims of traffic accidents to examine their options and take advantage of resources that are available afterwards. Unfortunately, these injuries are far too prevalent and drivers should realize the risk of suffering an injury every time they drive.

Looking over drunk driving statistics

While there are many dangerous and reckless behaviors that negligent drivers carry out, such as reaching excessive speeds and driving while very tired, drunk driving is an especially troubling problem. In Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Silver City and across all parts of New Mexico, some drivers choose to drive while intoxicated even though they are well aware of the dangers associated with driving under the influence. It is vital to understand how widespread drunk driving is for victims of these wrecks to take action right away.

How many lives are lost due to auto crashes per year?

When traffic collisions occur, people suffer in many different ways. Victims of an accident may find themselves unable to work or struggling due to a serious head injury, broken bone or other setback. In cities throughout New Mexico, some people lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents, leaving their families with emotional pain that will never go away. If you have to regularly drive to work or operate a vehicle for any other reason, it is important to understand how widespread these fatal accidents truly are.

A closer look at distracted driving

According to Distraction.gov, drivers take their eyes away from the road for five seconds when they receive or send text messages, on average. On roads across the whole state of New Mexico, distracted driving is a serious threat for everyone who is on the road. Sadly, these collisions frequently result in the loss of life, or a debilitating injury that will follow someone around permanently.

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