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How many pedestrians are hurt in traffic crashes?

From large truck collisions to head-on accidents, traffic wrecks take many forms. However, accidents which involve a pedestrian can have an especially disastrous outcome and often result in a fatality or severe injury. If you are a pedestrian who walks in any part of New Mexico, it is essential to understand the risks and be alert at all times while walking. Sadly, these accidents happen for many reasons, such as drunk or careless drivers. If you have been struck by a negligent driver, you should immediately examine your choices and have them held responsible.

Statistics on texting while driving

From the consumption of alcohol to slick roads and dangerous speeds, motor vehicle accidents happen for all sorts of reasons. In all parts of New Mexico, many of these collisions are the result of people sending or receiving text messages. For drivers who own cell phones, it is essential to understand the dangers of distracted driving and avoid using phones while behind the wheel. Moreover, victims of distracted driving accidents should make sure that irresponsible drivers are held answerable.

How many people are hurt in distracted driving crashes?

Each day, motor vehicle accidents take place for a myriad of reasons. Some are the result of a driver failing to stop at a stop sign, while others are caused by people getting behind the wheel after drinking too much alcohol or while under the influence of drugs. That said, distracted driving is a serious problem in New Mexico and across the country. Unfortunately, some people do not realize how widespread or dangerous distracted driving actually is.

Study: New Mexico Has Highest Rate of Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

Compared with other states, New Mexico has a high rate of pedestrian accidents. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that in recent years the average number of pedestrian deaths per capita in New Mexico was two times higher than the national average.

Recovering from a construction site accident

While workers in all fields face an array of risks on-the-job, those who are employed in the construction industry often work in a particularly hazardous environment. Across the state of New Mexico, construction workers may be injured on job sites in many different ways. From dangerous equipment to ladder falls and other accidents, Almanzar & Youngers understands how devastating these injuries can be for workers as well as their families.

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