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Protect your loved ones from elder abuse

Elder abuse is a tough subject, and no one in New Mexico wants to hear that something horrible has happened to a vulnerable loved one. However, it happens more often than people realize. There are ways to catch or even prevent this abuse, but when it is not caught, the results can be horrifying.

Cars could soon switch to self-driving mode to stop distracted driving

In a modern world, technological advances are needed to regulate technological advances. Phones, in particular, have become the subject of much regulatory discussion -- especially with regard to distracted driving.

Technology and distraction may be factors in fatal collision

Distracted driving kills people on New Mexico roads every year, yet drivers continue to multitask behind the wheel. Eating, drinking and talking on a hands-free device are just three of the many ways people occupy their time on their way to work or elsewhere. While automobile manufacturers are working to develop technology to prevent accidents, using these systems should not replace driver attention.

Weighing the advantages of in-cab cameras in large trucks

When an accident happens between a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle in New Mexico, drivers, victims and witnesses may be able to piece together the factors that caused it. Not always, though. Sometimes, there are holes in the police report, and mysteries that go unanswered. When determining who was responsible for the crash, this can be a major downfall. Some safety experts are saying that this could be avoided with in-cab cameras.

Hazards from Livestock on Highways

The primary way that livestock - cattle and horses in particular - present a hazard to New Mexicans is by their presence on highways and roads. Often cattle are not seen on the road until it is too late, particularly when an unsuspecting driver comes upon a cow on a dark road at night. Under most circumstances, ranchers and livestock owners have a legal responsibility to keep livestock off the road. The New Mexico Department of Transportation also has a duty to build and maintain fences so that livestock do not get on highways.

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